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Grand Prix de Monaco

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GP Moto World Championship

Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is the premier championship of motorcycle road racing currently divided into three distinct classes: Moto 3, Moto 2, and MotoGP. Grand prix motorcycles are purpose-built racing machines that are neither available for general purchase nor can be legitimately ridden on public roads; this contrasts with the various production categories of racing, such as the Superbike World Championship, that feature modified versions of road-going motorcycles available to the public.

A Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix was first organized by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) in 1949. The commercial rights are owned by Dorna Sports. Teams are represented by the International Road Racing Teams Association (IRTA) and manufacturers by the Motorcycle Sport Manufacturers Association (MSMA). Rules and changes to regulations are decided between the four entities, with Dorna casting a tie-breaking vote. In cases of technical modifications, the MSMA can unilaterally enact or veto changes by unanimous vote among its members. These 4 entities compose the Grand Prix Commission.

The Grand Prix :

The schedule includes many appointments around the world on different closed circuits.

The competition is always held on three days, the race is the goal.

- Friday afternoon: 60 minutes free practice
- Saturday morning: 60 minutes free practice
- Saturday afternoon: 60 minutes qualification test
- Sunday morning: 20 minutes warm-up
- Sunday afternoon race on a number of rounds determined

The grid is composed of three columns (four for the Moto 2 and Moto 3 classes) and contains approximately 20 riders. Grid positions are decided in descending order of qualifying speed, the fastest on the 'pole' or first position. Races last approximately 45 minutes, each race a sprint from start to finish without pitting for fuel or tires.


Grand Prix of Monaco Grand Prix of Monaco

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a great mythical race that all the pilots dream to win on the circuit of the Principality.

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